Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization is usually known as SEO. SEO is important as it helps the audience reach your blog or website easily. People use search engines to look for almost everything, hence adding the right content or keywords helps them reach your content. Search engines target organic results more compared to paid or direct results.

The next question we get is, how do I optimize the content for SEO? For this, we need to understand the logic which search engines use. Search engines crawl pages on the web collecting information from those pages and index them. Algorithms then analyze pages in the index considering the ranking of the page and visibility. Search engine optimization techniques:

      • Add Meta title
      • Meta Keyword – Use long-tail keywords
      • Meta Description
      • Boost link equity
      • Google Analytics

SEO is an important factor of digital marketing as people search for different information. Search is the primary source of the traffic to any website. Greater visibility and ranking higher are the results that appear on the search.

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